Thor Ltd is a shipping company located in Hósvík, a safe natural harbour, close to Tórshavn the capital of the Faroe Islands.

The company's name is derived from "Hósvík", which means Thor's creek. Hós is an alternative spelling of Thor (sometimes written as Tor). Thor in Nordic mythology was the god of thunder, a very strong and powerful god who was also the guardian of the gods.

Thor was established 10 August 1994. In the past the company was mainly active in the fishing industry operating gillnetters/longliners. However since 1997 it has been active in supplying support/escort/guard vessels for the off-shore oil industry and cable/pipe-laying operations.

Thor prides itself on being an innovative, trustworthy and creative company. Today we operate a number of purpose built vessels based on our expertise and experience and in full consultation with our customers and employees. We can therefore offer you the benefit of our expertise in a comprehensive range of services.

The company has an ambitious quality policy. Thor is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified by DNV as well as registered with Achilles and F-Pal.

Thor's policy of looking after its human resources has resulted in a low turnover of employees. Therefore the company has built up a workforce, on land and sea, of well-motivated, experienced and flexible people who are fluent in Scandinavian and English.

Thor Ltd is an experienced company that you can rely on for work all over the world, including the Faroe Islands. Do not hesitate to contact us whatever your requirements are.

Our business is built on

Safety, trust, reliability, diversity, teamwork, open and honest communication, creativity, innovation, and ethical conduct.

Our mission is

Operating ships within the seismic and the offshore wind turbine industry. Provide reliable services in both industries and be among the best on the market; by being a trustworthy and law-abiding partner, providing a safe and reliable Worldwide service.

Our vision is

To be among the safest and most reliable offshore companies providing specialized services to our customers.

Our motivation is

To give high quality service to our customers, aided by: our people, our background, our values, our openness to opportunities and the desire for continuous improvement. 

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